Grand Opening RODA Statistics

Grand Opening RODA Statistik - PT. Ruang Olah Data Analisis Statistik was inaugurated by Citra Ayumsari which was witnessed by Camat, Lurah, etc.
RODA Statistik

Grand Opening RODA Statistics

PT. Ruang Olah Data Analisis Statistik

I'm Citra Ayumsari presents:

Grand Opening RODA Statistik Grand Opening RODA Statistik


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Photographer: Andhi Setya Hermawan

Copyright: Citra Ayumsari

Credit: RODA Statistics


Peace be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings

Good afternoon,

Best wishes to all of us.


The Honorable Head of the District Head of Mungkid

Dear Head of Paremono Village

The Honorable Head of RW.3 Dusun Trojayan

The Honorable Head of RT.3 Dusun Trojayan

And happy guests.

Welcome Prayer

Praise and gratitude, let us pray to Allah SWT because, at this time, we can still gather in this place in good health. Don't forget to give our sholawat and greetings to our Prophet, Prophet Muhammad SAW and his friends, family and followers until the end.

Thank-you note

On this happy occasion, I would like to thank all the attendees who today are willing to take the time to attend this simple event. May Allah reward each of you with a double reward.

Host's Welcome

As we all know that the world of education is always evolving from time to time. As endless, the latest theories and technologies always appear every year. And research is also one of the main needs of students and lecturers. Whether following the undergraduate level or not, what is certain is that a student needs research to pass his studies in lectures.


Because of that, I was moved to open a statistical data processing service business in 2013. Of course, the struggle I went through was not as easy as turning the palm of my hand. Starting from a small data processing service and with minimal capital, I ventured to open my first shop. Alhamdulillah, thanks to God's help, hard work, and prayers from loved ones, I will be opening a branch again today. This shop is the 2nd branch. Please pray that this store can develop well like the previous store.

Purpose and objectives

Distinguished guests,

Maybe a lesson I can share is that I apply alms in every data processing research project. The point is that a few per cent of the profits from each data processing service sold, I set aside for alms. But the alms are not only from me. The clients also give alms through the data processing services they ordered. With a concept like this, I hope clients will get the results they want and give charity to those in need.


Well, maybe that's all I can say today. Once again, thank you to all the guests who were willing to attend today. Thank you also for the prayers for my family, friends, all employees, and the team who have fought and helped me all this time. Enjoy our meal today. Sorry if there are still many shortcomings in the banquet or welcome from us. I'm also sorry if some words and actions are not pleasing to the hearts of the ladies and gentlemen. Ask Allah for forgiveness.

Special Promotion

And I officially opened "PT. Ruang Olah Data Statistics (RODA Statistik)". There is a discount of up to 50% for special orders today. Congratulations on ordering data processing services, and happy giving alms.

You can watch in full in the video below.

Logo RODA Statistik Logo RODA Statistik


How to use my images

Photographer: Andhi Setya Hermawan

Copyright: Citra Ayumsari

Credit: RODA Statistics

Wassalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

RODA Statistik
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