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We are a legal entity company named PT. Ruang Olah Data Analisis Statistik which is often called RODA Statistics with the website address https://www.roda.web.id/ which we manage ourselves.

RODA Statistics/ PT. Ruang Olah Data Analisis Statistik is located at Trojayan Hamlet RT.03/ RW.03, Paremono Village, Mungkid District, Magelang Regency, Central Java Province. Telephone number that can be contacted via Phone or WhatsApp 0857-2927-8342 on behalf of Citra Ayumsari.

We have experience in the field of statistical data processing since 2013. Until now we already have hundreds of clients who have subscribed to us. Quality and timeliness that we uphold to serve clients wholeheartedly.

PT. Ruang Olah Data Analisis Statistik which is engaged in consulting Statistical consulting is the most challenging and most profitable part of statistics. A consultant uses the art and science of statistics to solve practical problems. Problems come from many fields, such as marketing, product design, manufacturing, medicine, agriculture, or genetics, but many of us specialize in only a few application areas.

Good statistical consulting requires a strong technical background in statistics, good people skills, and for many people, a good sense of business. In addition, modern statistical consulting often involves long-distance relationships with clients and technology. Another part of our help is the technical aspect of statistics. The statistical consulting section is here to help with everything else.

We provide statistical data processing services using the latest software and design consulting statistical consulting services for the campus community. Faculty, students and staff are encouraged to use this service, Statistical Consulting Services can help you with statistical software problems and statistical analysis and processing problems. We provide assistance with setting up and running a variety of statistical computing programs, including SPSS, AMOS, Lisrel, Eviews or PLS. Services include assistance with all phases of a research project: design research proposal preparation survey strategy data design input data import/export analysis data interpretation results presentation of other statistical results or probability issues. Our statistical data processing staff can meet by appointment, to assist you with data design and analysis of statistical problems.

We pride ourselves on being a statistical consultant focused on client satisfaction providing statistical data processing services and comprehensive statistical solutions and data analysis. We have local, national and international clients.

Although we specialize in statistical data processing services for economics and business, we have expertise as general statistical consultants that can be applied to various problems. We offer the following services: Design of Statistical Analysis of Study Plans, including data analysis of sample size calculations and management reports, writing of statistical advice, short courses and seminars.

Our philosophy is to build long term relationships by ensuring client satisfaction. We are highly trained in statistical methodologies, and statistical programming of SPSS, Eviews, AMOS, LISREL and PLS. Contact us, we will be happy to quote your project. Contact us by phone, email or with our web form. We have extensive experience of various methodologies and applied statistical research and training. We are supported by the latest software that can provide speed and convenience of flexible management. Our activities cover all aspects of statistical data processing and statistical consulting from the design, analysis and interpretation of investigations in science and industry. These statistical data processing services include assisting new and senior researchers in grant preparation for studies requiring statistical expertise to design problems, choice of methods and develop detailed plans of analysis. We also assist clients with data analysis and preparation of reports, abstracts, papers and formal presentations. We look forward to cooperating with you.

Need help with statistical data processing services? We will respond to your request within 24 hours of receiving your request. We can immediately assist you with the study design, statistical analysis plan, and interpretation of your results. We can provide assistance in the following areas: study design and power analysis for experiments, survey and observational research the choice of statistical methods and interpretation of the appropriate application of the results, including the limitations they provide for the preparation and preparation and review of manuscripts.

We are very interested in long term collaboration. As collaborators we can then be of great help in aligning the statistical plan with the specific aims and objectives of your research. This can often lead to the development of new statistical methodologies and innovative approaches to your scientific problems.


Statistics for more specialized consultations.

We are a service provider of research data processing and statistical consulting. Our business supports corporate, non-profit, academic and medical researchers in research design, statistical analysis, and research reporting efficiently and accurately. Our experienced statistical consultants strive to not only present accurate results, but to ensure that you understand the analytical techniques used to obtain those results. We are equipped to meet your research needs to ensure that your project is a success.

Let our statistical consultants assist with your research in the content areas of analytical methods, advise on various types of statistical analysis, and prepare for trial exams. If you feel overwhelmed by the process of completing your dissertation, you are not alone. We have some suggestions for you so you can complete your Dissertation Without Tears, which includes tips on how to complete your dissertation,

Projects for industrial clients include, but are not limited to market research, banner table creation, data collection, customer and employee survey design and creation, program evaluation, and business applications. Our statistical consultants can assist you with survey design; chart review; data management; perform data audits, analyzes, and findings; transcription; meta-analysis review; advanced statistical methodologies; etc.